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Systemizer offers a range of products that cover areas such as work environment, coaching, leadership development or relationships.

Health and safety at work

A workplace that is good for people with a Systemizer profile is good for everyone.

In many workplaces, we are working to create a common culture where cooperation, team building and a positive atmosphere are important elements.

For those with a Systemizer profile, there are many needs that are not covered by general work environment rules. There may be challenges with management choices for the workplace’s building (open offices, lighting, sound, shielding, placement etc.), meeting organisation, planning working time and methodology, expectations for teams and performance within teams, training methods and choice of learning processes, self-management versus micromanagement and social expectations for interactions between colleagues and employees.

Coaching course

Managing personally both professionally and privately gives the best results for all employees, especially for people with a Systemizer profile.

The coaching course is for those with a Systemizer profile and provides a thorough and efficient introduction to areas that are important to know and understand in order to best succeed academically and professionally.

The coaching course is made up of various elements, which together provide the necessary self-understanding and strategies to succeed professionally.

Leadership development

Successful executives are crucial for everybody to succeed in the workplace. Insight in directing people with a Systemizer profile or even being a leader with a Systemizer profile is crucial for creating the best results.

If you are the manager of a person with a Systemizer profile, or you are a manager with a Systemizer profile, you may have some specific challenges that many common managerial tools do not take into account. The needs of management will be different depending on the starting point and therefore the leadership development course will be different, but part of the understanding, tools and language will be the same regardless of the course.

The leadership development course is designed for managers with a Systemizer profile who need self-knowledge and tools to lead, with the strengths and challenges of having a Systemizer profile.


A well-functioning privacy is the best starting point for successful professionalization. Invest in a conversation process that enables you to get a good teamwork, clear communication, good tools to handle conflicts and expectations, as well as a common understanding of both emotional and lifestyle needs.

For many with a Systemizer profile it can be challenging to be in a relationship that requires a high degree of social interaction and cohabitation. It can put the relationship under pressure and pose challenges when dating.

For a person with a Systemizer profile it can seem as if nothing is good enough, no matter how much is invested in the relationship.