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You are welcome to contact one of our certified consultants to hear more about our products.

Søren Obed Madsen

Søren Obed Madsen (PhD) has worked with counselling, training, strategies and analyses for the past 15 years in public, private and non-profit organisations. He has worked with employees, middle managers and senior executives with a focus on strategy, management, change processes and implementation.

Kirsten Callesen
Partner (CDO)

Kirsten Callesen is a partner and CDO of She has worked with counselling, education and training of managers, specialists, psychologists and key professionals in private companies and public institutions for the last 25 years. She has developed concepts and strategies in specialised learning for organisations and companies.

Anders Michael Hansen

Anders Michael Hansen has worked with team building, organisational learning processes, coaching, leadership development and staff management in Denmark and internationally.

Hans-Jørgen Knudsen

Since 1990 Hans-Jørgen Knudsen has worked with dissemination and implementation of communication strategies in companies and organisations. For the past ten years he has specialised in management consulting and coaching in public affairs, external funding and collaboration processes.

Jens Carlsen

Jens Carlsen has many years of experience from international industrial companies and has worked as a management advisor since 2008. He works with coaching and development of management teams and has a special passion for helping project managers create genuine enthusiasm in their projects.