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Health and safety at work

A workplace that is good for people with a Systemizer profile is good for everyone.

In many workplaces, we are working to create a common culture where cooperation, team building and a positive atmosphere are important elements.

For those with a Systemizer profile, there are many needs that are not covered by general work environment rules. There may be challenges with management choices for the workplace’s building (open offices, lighting, sound, shielding, placement etc.), meeting organisation, planning working time and methodology, expectations for teams and performance within teams, training methods and choice of learning processes, self-management versus micromanagement and social expectations for interactions between colleagues and employees.

In order to develop a framework in which all can succeed best, there is a need to work with all elements of the various areas in work environment thinking.

To create the best possible working environment, Systemizer offers visits, coaching, training and courses in this area. This could be in individual departments, in teams, training of HR-partners, facilitation of knowledge in relation to teaching and working with Systemizers, arrangement of workplaces in various fields (physical, mental, social).


All-Day Courses

DKK 25,000
Price depends on number of participants. The basic amount covers up to 15 participants.

Half-Day Courses

DKK 12,500
Price depends on number of participants. The basic amount covers up to 15 participants.

Go-Home Meetings

DKK 8,000 - 12,000
(depending on the number of hours)

Supervision (Assessment, HR staff or similar)

DKK 2,000 per hour


DKK 4,000 per hour

All prices are exclusive of VAT. For individuals and organizations, no VAT is included.
If it takes place at the company's address, an additional DKK 1,000 will be charged per hour plus mileage allowance according to state tariffs (3.54 DKK per km).

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