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Needs of employees with a Systemizer profile

A person with a Systemizer profile can experience stress at work if there are too many external demands for flexibility or external control. A person with a Systemizer profile thrives on being able to create a framework and set a goal and can then contribute individually developed input.

A person with a Systemizer profile can be temperamental and is often passionate in their professional identity, while they may seem a little socially backward or get close to pushing other people’s boundaries.

We find individuals with a Systemizer profile in all companies, in various departments and work areas. In a company consisting, for example, of sales, administration, development, programming, operation, maintenance, insurance, IT, HR etc., typically specific departments have people with a Systemizer profile as employees, or specific jobs in a general department.

Those with a Systemizer profile are often innovative in their approach to solving creative processes and have a touch of genius. But they can be challenged to participate in a collective process that requires a high degree of flexibility during development of a new product.

The employee group of any business consists of many different personalities. This creates diversity, providing strength and ballast to the whole.